Hudson Pilates is a boutique wellness studio in Devonport. We deliver high quality specialised instruction in movement. This can be a primary exercise program for fitness, an adjunct to an existing regime or in many cases the foundation for rehabilitation.

Our Pilates, Holistic Nutrition and Occupational Therapy expertise combined will have you looking and feeling your best!

We help you to tone and lengthen your muscles, improve your balance and coordination and much more. We help people to move pain free! Whether you are recovering from back injury or birth or just ready to sculpt your body with a targeted series of exercise, Pilates should be your foundation.

If you are ready to exercise as a brand new beginner or an elite athlete, you need correct movement patterns or inevitably, injury looms. Yes, Pilates is, in itself, an exercise method, it is also, however, something that compliments your other exercise programs beatuifully… You will get more out of the other work you are doing by being taught how to recruit your muscles properly!